I’m Not Changing, I’m Evolving

I want to make a change to how I use social media, specifically Twitter. There are essentially two large groups that make up the majority of my followers: WordPress folks, and anti-Trump folks.
I feel like the latter group is distancing me from the former group. Most of y’all know my political leanings, so I don’t think there’s much value anymore with me cussing up a storm at Trump.
I’m not going to let a bad thing drive a wedge between me and what I see as a good and positive thing: the WordPress community.
So starting today, I’m going to TRY to chill out on the political posts/rants/etc, and share more WordPress/programming stuff, sprinkled in with puppers and funny videos.
Life’s too short to be angry all the time. I mean, don’t stop fighting the fascists, y’all, but also don’t let them monopolize your energy. Flip them off with one hand will waving to loved ones with the other.
In conclusion, I want to be happy…and fuck Trump and fuck each and every person that supports that tyrannical, insane, racist bucket of fuckdrizzle.
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11 responses to “I’m Not Changing, I’m Evolving”

  1. I commend this. I had to stop following certain political Twitter accounts (like ACLU, SPLC, etc) although I agree with their politics, I would just see such hateful comments and get sucked into that vortex of pain. It’s hard to ignore the trolls, but I started blocking them (probably 70% of my block list is from people who responded to your posts LOL) because fuck that noise.
    More dogs, food, work, and joy! <3

  2. Totally feel ya man. I have to ignore some of it or I’d drive myself insane. We can still fight the piece of shit while also not losing ourselves. It’s tough, but we can do it!

  3. Dude yes! Mute and block judiciously, life is way too short. The big stuff will filter through.
    Love ya, ya big lug

  4. Bravo! I have an annoying penchant for tilting at windmills, but even so, I often find myself saddened by how much energy you seem to be putting into tilting at so many of them (insert joke about the irony of me using a windmill analogy). I hope you can keep temptation at bay and be so much happier for it!

  5. I think your political posts are great, and I agree with you, but I don’t think you should let the fucknuckle take over your life either. So I’m supporting you in whatever you choose to do.

  6. Dan, I have an opportunity to give to humanity and the planet that utilizes your amazing WordPress skills. Remember the collaboration work my team and I did in your recent past? Imagine all that re-tooled for humanitarian assistance/disaster reponse? We started a non profit to do that. See your LinkedIn for a message.

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