My Wife Cried At the Bar Today

No, this isn’t the title of my new country/western song.nancy
As most of you know, my wife Nancy is shaving her head tomorrow and donating her long locks to WIgs for Kids.
She and I have been raising money for St Baldrick’s to fight children’s cancers. She set a goal of $10,000 to reach, back in November of 2014, and it came to fruition today…one day before the event.
We went to Lures in Crownsville for lunch. Honestly, we went there because I had a craving for a burger, but also one of our favorite bartenders’ last day was today. After we ordered our drinks, Nancy started getting notifications about donations to her St Baldrick’s fund. Little by little, it looked like she was going to make her goal.
Mike, the bartender, walked over to me and slipped me a fifty, and said “Please add this to her fund.”  He then walked over to another person sitting at the bar, and explained what Nancy was doing.
The guy introduced himself, and said “I own this place…Hey Mike? Take $100 out of the till please?” and boom Nancy had $150 that quick.
A little later on, we got an enormous gift from my best friend (names redacted due to not contacting him yet) which put her at $10K. We both got misty from the money from our local joint, but then our friend put Nancy at the goal?  Yeah, there was some eye leakage.
Bottom line? Not only do our friends kick ass, some folks we only know from a restaurant have helped restore faith in humanity.
Thank you, humans.

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